What is felting? 

Felting is a very quick process that gives the maker lots of creative freedom to play with colors and textures.

For felting  wool fibers are used (not wool YARN -although one could use yarn for embellishment ) The wool of choice most of the time is merino that is soft enough to be turned into scarves or other wearables that touch skin. For hats , bags , rugs  more “hairy” , stronger wool types are preferable, like Gotland or Icelandic.

After laying out wool on a tray or bubble wrap ,soapy water is used to aid in the felting process. During the next stage of rolling or rubbing,  the wool fibers tangle up creating a fabric that looks like thick cobweb - holding onto each other but still very fragile. At the next stage we shrink it a great deal (anything from 30 to 50 %) by agitating it more vigorously using hot water and lots of elbow grease. In fact  one might think that a felting class is a creative fiber activity and a fitness class rolled into one . Finally we shape it, block it or iron it, depending on what the final project requires.