Felting workshops

for beginners


Felted necklace

We will work with hand dyed wool and make lots of felted strings and beads using various techniques and design ideas. Tiny glass beads and metal sequences will be available for further embellishment.                            

Class fee: $30 (including $10 materials fee)                               

Duration of class: 2 hours 

Silk and wool scarf

Participants in this popular class will make scarves by combining silk fabric and wool fibers. In the felting process wool will migrate through the silk fabric, shrink after much agitation and make a strong but still lightweight felted fabric. Expect a bit of physical work and standing on your feet while making felt but no previous experience is necessary. All materials are dyed and provided by instructor. This class is excellent for beginners !         

Class fee: $45 (including $15 materials fee)                                                                  Duration: 3 hours

Vessels and bowls

In this class we will create seamless 3D felt. Using plastic or cardboard as a resist to separate layers of wool we’ll start with a simple round shape to understand the process of layering fibers, creating surface design with silk fibers and sheer silk fabric pieces, adding on extensions or cutting into the material. At the final shaping we are going to stretch the felt and use binder clips to give it a totally different look at the end.          

Class fee: $45  (including $15 materials fee)                                                                                           Duration of class: 3 hours

More advanced felting workshops


Rugs and chair pads


Participants get to try out their ideas in the form of a chair pad first (approximate size: 12”x12”) and work from there on a bigger scale to make a rug. (finished size approximately 3’x4’). OR stay with the chair pad size and make 3 or more of those. Either way, this class requires more time and more stamina.  All materials dyed and provided by the instructor.                                        Class fee: $180 (including $60 materials fee)  Duration of class: 10 - 12 hours (2-day workshop)                                                                                                 

3 basic shapes are available : with or without a brim and beret. The technique is the same as with bags and vessels, but they need to be bigger and fit one’s head!!

All materials dyed and provided by the instructor. In addition there will be silk hankies and silk fabric in various colors and patterns available for embellishment .             

Class fee: $60 (including $20 materials fee)   Duration of class: 4 hours

Small bags

By using a resist material - plastic or cardboard- it’s possible to create a seamless 3D shape. This felted bag (approximately 7"x 10") will come with a felted shoulder strap as well. Materials used:  merino wool fibers as our base and sheer silk fabric or silk hankies as embellishment. All materials dyed and provided by the instructor.          

Class fee: $45 (including $15 materials fee)   Duration of class: 3 hours